Teflon is back with release of So Determine EP

 Shaniel Andre Watson otherwise known as Teflon is a Jamaican Reggae artiste, who has been out of the spotlight for a few years, has recently resurfaced in devastating effect upon releasing his new EP titled So Determine.

Since the release of the twelve track compilation in April of this year, he has been getting a lot of positive feedback so naturally the artiste is in high spirits. The songs have been getting a lot of rotation on radio stations locally, with tracks gaining thousands of views on online platforms such as YouTube.

“I know I have the talent and the content to bring to the forefront, and I’m so grateful and overwhelmed with all the love and support,” he said, giving props to his entire team for the part they played in the EP’s overall success.

Teflon said he wants to leave a legacy in the music and he believes it is attainable if he has the right team around him to help carry out the plan.

“I am focused on cementing my legacy in the music industry at this point and only the best is good enough. I have an amazing team that has a track record for putting out good music. I have been on some of the hottest compilations due to my determination, and the work continues,” he said.

Despite the many challenges Teflon faces in the industry, being in the music for over ten years has solidified his focus to the top. So Determine is a reflection of his musical journey in the industry. Some of the producers featured on the EP includes DJ Wayne, ZJ Ice, Notnice Records and Yard A Love. The EP includes songs such as Legacy, Jerusalem, Watch Ova Wi, Smile, Rude Boy, On My Own, Stay Strong, Nuh Time Fi Gaze, Nothing to Prove, En Memoria, What Is To Be and  Good Times which is a bonus track.



Teflon is back with release of So Determine EP

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