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Dandy Livingstone
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Robert Thompson, otherwise called Dandy Livingstone was born in Kingston Jamaica and later migrated to the UK in 1959 where he decided to start his recording career after  five years at the height of the ska craze. Livingstone’s first album was released over 40 years ago  entitled For They Call Us Legends with the help of producer Paul “Computer Paul” Henton. His publicist is believed to have said that he stated that the feel of the album is right in the middle of things. It’s good reggae music.

They Call Us Legends was released in May on his Par Three Music label. Initial digital distribution was by Zojak World Wide but the set was recently issued in the United Kingdom in vinyl. The United Kingdom holds a special place in Livingstone’s heart as it was there he made his name as a ska singer with songs such as A Message to Rudie and Suzanne Beware of The Devil. He has been living in the UK for the past 24 years and is now 76 years of age.

The great Legend who is now a businessman ponders on his time in music with pride and have drawn the conclusion that he was satisfied with his career and he is giving thanks and praise. Suzanne Beware of The Devil and Double Barrel were two of the songs he featured on his album They Call Us Legends which was a big hit in the UK in 1971 for Dave Barker and Ansell Collins. His vibrant musicians that played on They Call Us Legends include Collins, they keyboard player, guitarist Mitchum “Khan” Chin and David Madden, Calvin “Bubbles”  Cameron and Evrol Wray were his horn players.

A Message to Rudie was a big hit in 1967, followed in 1972 by Suzanne Beware Of The Devil. Livingstone also produced singer Tony Tribe’s version of Neil Diamond’s Red Wine, which inspired the UB40 version, an international hit in 1983.



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