The home of Garnett Silk is new community tourism project

Jamaican reggae singer Garnett Damion Smith otherwise known as Garnett Silk; popular for his signature voice but before he got the chance to expand on his promising career in a massive way his life was cut short in 1994, when he attempted to save his mother from their burning home back in  Hatfield, Manchester.

The relatives of the late singer constructed another house in close proximity to the structural remains of the burnt house which has drawn the attention of many tourists from all over the world. As the home has already been recognized by many as a tourist attraction, moving forward this will only make it official with a new titled name Garnett Silk Culture Yard.

North West Manchester member of Parliament, Mikael Phillips in an interview said that the home of the late Reggae icon Garnett Silk in an effort to boost tourism has been identified as the next big community tourism project following the Maidstone Museum that was opened in the parish of Manchester two years ago. The project will be funded by the salary received by the Member of Parliament, for the community based project which will feature the history of the artiste and his life’s work leading up to his death.

Mr Mikael also explained that there are major projects in store for the community such as tour guides that will create job opportunities for persons in the community to be trained as tour guides. They will also be promoting the Airbnb bed and breakfast locations, in an effort to boost tourist attractions to the community in addition to the future plans.

In central Jamaica there is virtually no tourism product, excluding the southern parts of St Elizabeth which has Alligator Pond and Jake’s Treasure Beach, and also except for the Roxborough which is the estate and birthplace of the late former Prime Minister Norman Washington Manley, which is not been widely promoted. Hence the churches and other historical findings are been used to create the products.

Garnett’s family is completely in agreement with the direction the projects at hand, and also in the pipeline as a museum is to be erected in Kingston which will be dedicated to the singer.

The home of Garnett Silk is new community tourism project

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