The Original Dancehall Jam, Jam for 2007 was held at the Jamalco Sports Club in Halse Hall, Clarendon on December 31, 2007 with strong performances from many artistes.

George Nooks gave a memorable performance; he got the crowd going with hit songs such as “God is standing By”, “Tribal War”, “40 Leg” and the list goes on.

Veteran sound system selector Sky Juice the big belly man from Metro Media was awesome. He delivered some wicked selection that the crowd enjoyed. Reggaetimes is convinced that he can do no wrong where his fans are concerned. He had them flaming lighters and waving rags, they seemed please for what he had to offer.

Mr. Easy was next but there were moments of high and low. He rocked the place with “Tek Weh Yuhself”.

Louie Culture, the original gangalee was well received with blazing fire from all sections of the venue. He performed songs like “Excellent”, “Old before them young”, with the crowd crying for more he gave them the “Bogus Badge”. He then topped off a strong performance with “We Nuh Want Nuh Gun” and “Curfew”.

The crowd went wild when the “fire child” Fantan Mojah took the stage burning out corruption and bad mind. He had the crowd jumping as he chanted “Watch It Mek Wi Bun Dem”.

Etana was sharp with “ROOTS” (Hold a Meditation) which she had to do a few times for her supporters. She gave a highly charged set, especially when she performed “Wrong Address”.

I-Maroon had the crowd going with his hit song “Mi Salt’

Barrington Levy brought back the old dancehall days, drawing songs from in the 1980s; he was on top.

The crowd loved Spanner Banner’s performance. They got wild when he did “Love Will Save the Day” and “Life Goes On”. The response was overwhelming; he was as solid as a rock.

Richie Spice set the place on fire as he performed “Earth A Run Red”. The crowd sang their hearts out with “Grooving My Girl”.

Sasha showed her versatility by singing songs such as “We’ve Got The Love”, Alicia Keys “No One” and a dazzling “Mi Want A Natty”.

The place changed when the money machine entered the stage. Macka DiamondBUSSED THE PLACE” with “Bad Gal”.

Father and son Jimmy and Tarrus Riley make a wonderful combination. Jimmy Riley’s performance was breath taking as he captivated his audience with a real entertaining and professional set. He did conscious and loved songs. Tarrus Riley was sharp with “Beware” and the monster hit tune “She’s Royal”.

Following Romaine Virgo who had the crowd in stitches with his hilarious dance moves and had the females screaming madly when he song “I’m still In Love With You”.

Turbulance walked on stage and the two then joined in singing songs to the crowd delight. Everyone enjoyed Virgo’s performance they did not want it to end.

Turbulance got many thumbs up when he performed on his own, a few of his hits.

Junior Reid got a big response from the crowd. He ripped the place apart with songs such as “This Is Why We Hot” and “Foreign Mind”; He had the crowd on their feet.

Jah Cure rocks the place like a Earthquake, he was another winner of the show but things got crazier when pressure got on stage. It was like a storm around here.

Daville stood out; he was one of the crowds favourite. He got his biggest response when he did “Cant Get over You” and “This Time I Promise” the women were holding there hearts. “Always on My Mind” brought tears to some of his supporters’ eyes.

Marcia Griffiths grooved the audience. She did a combination song with Daville “Spend All My Life with You”.

Warrior King gave a short but spicy performance.

Ninja Man put the icing on the cake. He gave a highly charged performance. The Don Gorgon had the audience going, with his magnificent performance.

This event was well put together.


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