The Trelawney Yam Festival 2011

 After being away from its venue since 2008, the Trelawney Yam Festival returned to Albert Town on Easter Monday April 25th2011, with a tremendous turn out.

Hundreds of patrons who traveled from yard and abroad were kept rocking with the latest dancehall music and scent of roasted yams to stone dog, however the celebrations were interrupted by a heavy shower of rain that forced the patrons to run for shelter.  As soon as the rain stopped, Food Kartel arrived on stage.  He captured the crowd with popular dancehall tunes and lyrics such as: it inna and Hot rice which had the patrons screaming for more.

 After Food Kartel got off stage patrons welcomed the Hertford Cultural group, Dalton Harris, The Trelawney song and dance group, Kingston drummers, HS boys and Deeside culture group, each of whom gave the crowd a brilliant performance.

The Trelawney Yam Festival 2011
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