August 7-9 saw the launching of an event series entitled ‘The Weekend’ and by reports, it was a great success. The décor, presentation and service were of first world standards. The interesting blend of attendees was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing atmosphere created by the decorators.

Held at the Jazz Bar at Iberostar, Friday was Jazz Night and Della Manley delivered a luscious set that had the patrons grooving to the seductive music. Sunshine Anderson was also at her best and even though it lasted no more than two hours the patrons were left thoroughly satisfied. The ambiance of great music, wines, cocktails and service was elegantly coordinated which brought sophistication to the event.

On Saturday, the ‘Luna Lounge’ became soulfully sedated as musician Craig Urchyshyn spun a web that captivated the audience despite the fact that it was his first visit. His unique skill of infusing live and recorded music carried well with the crowd and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.

The Vertigo all-white beach party was a breathtaking atmosphere of tastefully selected furnishings and accessories. It was an experience for guests as the Iberostar beach was transformed to resemble South Beach with and hint of Jamaica. The oversized white beach beds, leather sofas, cabanas and soft lighting created a mood that was both relaxing and enchanting.


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