There Is More To Come

In the 2017 World Men’s Squash Championship Lewis Walters and Chris Binnie is expected to compete as Jamaican’s best male players. The Championship is scheduled for November 25- December 3 in France; making the first time a local team  which will be competing in the prestigious tournament.

Team Jamaica will be at the top by eight -time. Chris Binnie and Lewis Walters are expected to provide more energy and plays the best they knows,because of the experience they have in that field. Former champion Dane Schwier and third best player on the Jamaica team Bruce Burrowes will complete the team, educating the team how to get an excellent showing of the world’s best players.


There will be a battle between 24 participating teams from different nation at the championship. In opinion global kingpin Egypt are most likely to win, while on the other hand defending champion England will go the extra mile to remain as champion. Team France   will also be in the battle but, yet still have home court advantages. The gruelling tournament will start with a round-robin playoff in eight groups from which the top 16 teams will progress to the knockout stage, while the other hand the remaining eight will play for positions 17-24.


Team Jamaica is seeded at 21, who will compete against Germany7 and Scotland 10 in the group stage of the competition. Looking forward it will be challenging game (tournament) competing against the world’s best athletes. Both Chris Binnie and Lewis Walters played on a professional level so in the sense they are familiar with the pressure of international tournament. As the Jamaica team look forward to victory and having a solid show.

The Jamaica team is funded by support from the Sports Development Foundation.Team manager Douglas Beckford and Rene Danis who will be travelling along with the team on November 25-26 to France to different locations will be acting as coach







There Is More To Come

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