By I-Wayne

Ooh woo, woo
If you never know
Now you know

Verse 1
I love to see my people living in love,
I hate to see the fighting and swimming in blood
Nuff neglect the farming scorning the mud
Yet they want to be the first to reap the food as it bud
Oh, dem fill di earth with prison, church and whore house
Love the rum bar yet dem hate the pure house
Dem tek di microchip and now wrath a pour out
Less food more drought and more mouth.

Rasta tell dem all di while,
Stop war and go till di soil
Stop fighting for land and oil
Fi di coil, so many go defile
Slave master spit inna dem face dem tek dat with a smile
Banks of di nile so mild and so fertile
Acres more than a zillion mile
People acting wild, pick up cannibal style
Wan devour mama, papa and child

Verse 2
Sew I seed and mek it buss earth,
Dem seh dem ting dem tek too long fi grow and start to cuss earth
I couldn’t trust them and those as how i trust earth
Such is life, dem seh a just earth
I see Cassia Heights wah dem call de squatta land
Some seh fi government, some seh fi mattalon
Still nuh wan share although dem got a land
Dem want fi guh a gun range and shatta land


Verse 3
Politician a talk certain ting dem nah mention,
Seh a gun and drugs di people tax money spend pan
Come with plastic smile and dem wicked intention
Inna u hand a weh dem put dem evil invention
Turn gun model seeking attention
See it deh now you dead and ther is no redemption
Parents a wonder where to get di fuss cent from
To bury di dead dem nu even got pension


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