Tyrifik “Duh Road” generating some buzz

Terrio Archer also known as “Tyrifik” grew up in Porus in the parish of Manchester, under hard circumstances. As a youngster he went to Vere Technical High in Clarendon, however music has always been his number one focus.

The artiste who is now signed to May Pen City Records was formerly known as ‘Terro Slim’. In an effort to boost his image he made a name change to Tyrifik, and also changes his musical style.

“I had to change my original dancehall name because too much ‘Terro’ already inna the business and it just wasn’t working for me, so mi do a rebranding exercise, wheel and come again, and everybody say the new name fresh and the new look and the sound,” he stated.

In recent times the young rising artiste has been creating a buzz on the dancehall scene with is unique voice, coupled with his exceptional writing skills Tyrifik stands out in the crowd. In dancehall circles, especially in his home town of Clarendon he is popularly known for songs such as Word Sound a Power and Dancehall Spenders

“There was a lot of hungry days growing up, but music was my best friend, my constant companion, on the days when I had to make a long journey to shop for my parents or whenever I was bored,” disclosed by the artiste.

His latest song is “Duh Road”  has been featured on several new dancehall mixtapes.

“We are currently shooting scenes for the Duh Road’ video. The future is looking very promising. we love the response so far and we’re going all out this summer,” he said, later this month the song will be officially distributed by Zojak World Wide. As the artiste is now set on promoting his latest song “Duh Road”.

Tyrifik “Duh Road” generating some buzz

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