Upcoming Artiste ‘TIVITY’

Born Travaughn Odane Watson, Tivity grew up in the St. Andrew area where he attended the Gordon Pen Primary School. He got into music from the tender age of fifteen when he realized that he was very good at writing songs.  He then started deejaying at high school where he quickly became a crowd favorite.He has since worked with producers such as Darren George, Anthony and Smitty as well as other new and upcoming artistes. Recently, Reggae Times had a chat with Tivity and this is what he had to say. 

RTM:              How long have you been in the music industry?

TIVITY:          I have been in the music industry for 6 years.


RTM:            What are greatest challenges you face?

TIVITY:          The greatest challenges I face in the music industry is trying to become an established artiste and finding the right producers to work with.


RTM:             How do you promote yourself?

TIVITY:          I promote myself using various internet mediums, social networks such as facebook and twitter as well as performing at concerts and stage shows.


RTM:             How many songs have you recorded?

TIVITY:          I have recorded many songs over the years I’ve been in the industry but right now my main focus is recording my first official single titled “How we living” on the ‘Boomie riddim’ to be released in August 2011.


RTM:            What assistance, if any have you received?

TIVITY:          No prior assistance, for a long time I have been doing my own recordings and my own promotion; now I have a manager, Denzel Forbes who I am working closely with to open new doors in the industry which will be beneficial to my career.

RTM:             Who has been your inspiration?

TIVITY:          My fans that continually supports my music.


RTM:             What other talents, if any, do you possess?

TIVITY:          I compose rhythms as well.

RTM:             What would you have done if you weren’t doing music?

TIVITY:          I love mechanical engineering so if it wasn’t music then that would have been the next best thing.


RTM:             What are some of the things you write about?

TIVITY:          I write about social commentary, my life and other people’s experiences on various issues in society, girls and parties.


RTM:             What has been your greatest hit so far?

TIVITY:          My greatest hit so far is a song entitled “Lisa Hype Style” released in 2009 which broadened my fan base and gained over 30,000 views on You Tube.

RTM:             Have you ever gotten airplay? And if so, how did you feel the first time you heard your song on the radio?

TIVITY:          Yes, it was a wonderful feeling, I wasn’t really overexcited though because I know I had a long way to go in the music industry but I was really motivated by it.

RTM:             What advice can you give to other upcoming artistes in the industry?

TIVITY:          If you are in the music industry just for a hype or to make money then find something else to do because there are a lot of hurdles to get over before you get to mainstream and only the love for the music will get you there.

Upcoming Artiste ‘TIVITY’
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