What A Venue!

In Jamaica, we never cease to be surprised by the wonders of the island. At every corner of the island there is something special just waiting to be discovered by you. Even when you think you’ve seen it all, trust me, you haven’t until you’ve seen Rodney Hall Farm. Rodney Hall Farm is one of those special places. Situated at Savannah point on the map of Jamaica. Savannah Point is a national landmark in Jamaica.  The beauty of this place is captivating and it is quite an experience.

     Rodney Hall Farm was part of Rodney Hall Estate, which was sold out into different acres of land over the years. David Vernon, the owner of the property has been in control since 1984. The farm is found on 32 acres of land and specializes in a host of crops. Plantain, Banana, Oteiti Apple, breadfruit, guineps, oranges and coconuts are some of the crops grown on the farm. It is used mainly as a coconut farm however. Being that coconut is the main crop for Orange bay in Portland near old wharf lane, it is significant because oranges used to be exported there and then it changed to a coconut farm over the years. It also used to be a cattle farm and horses were groomed there as well. Recently events such as stage shows and dances have been held there as well. Etana performed there in 2009.


          Reggae Times Magazine doesn’t miss out on these things and so we caught up with David Vernon so as to get an insight into the history of the farm and objectives and basically “wha gwan”. David explains “The first farm party ever held in Jamaica was done there by Byron Lee and the Dragon Aires and Peter Philips disco in 1985… this signaled the birth of Chukka Cove as they came to my farm and took the concept from me and turned it into Chukka Cove.”


            With such a beautiful venue Reggae Times had to ask if events were hosted there and if the venue was open for rental. David answered by saying “Yeah… we have always had parties there… if you doing private parties its nice but public parties are a bit harder but I am still willing to work with them. But the farm needs more infrastructures… instead of bringing public toilets, they could bring permanent toilet. The council for the area also makes it a hassle as well and requires you to have to spray for mosquitoes, require that the ambulance is there and fire brigade has to be there, etc. Private functions are easier though as there are no hassles really. I just collect the agreed on money.”

With a smile on his face to reply, when asked where he sees the farm in the future, Mr. Vernon says, “The farm is what you make it. It’s a beautiful place but its just sitting there… I see it as far as people who will own it after me will carry it… it can be a beautiful place. It could be a resort with cottages and everything but it takes money which i dont really have. If Butch Stewart however or someone with money owned it, it would be a dream… It has a beach and everything already. Fishing, snorkeling, horse back riding, eco – tourism, etc. It is a real attraction. Maybe I will live to see it manifest into what I believe it will” 

Contact: dax.vernon@gmail.com for more information on the farm.

Written by: Dax Vernon



What A Venue!

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