Ziggy Marley’s Rebellion Rises debuts at Number 1

Eight time Grammy Award winning Reggae artiste Ziggy Marley has released his seventh solo album titled “Rebellion Rises”, on May 18, 2018 via Tuff Gong International. The musician currently owns the record for the most Reggae Grammy awards with eight.  The ten track project will feature only Ziggy’s son and wife as formal guests.

Rebellion Rises will be Ziggy’s first release since the 2016 release of his Grammy award winning self-titled Best Reggae Album “Ziggy Marley”. The release will also signal the fourth consecutive time that his album has debuted at #1 on the Billboard Top Reggae Album Chart.

In an interview Ziggy stated that there isn’t a lot of music out there where people really have a real message, or speak to humanity as a whole. He further explained that it was is father Bob Marley’s “Exodus” provided the lion share of inspiration for his new project.

“It is a rebellion of love, rebellion of more peace, the rebellion of more unity, the rebellion of less discrimination,” Marley explained. “This is a rebellion … this album to me is a voice or a force to help to push that forward because in one of the songs I say ‘only the willing will see their dreams’.”

The rebellion begins in the mind, the melody, and the music,” said Ziggy. “We are a conduit of that. The rebellion is consciousness. Now the consciousness starts spreading, we become aware and we rise.

Ziggy Marley is currently on the first leg of his North American tour with planned stops in a few west coast markets including Napa, California, Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon and San Francisco. The tour will then travel to Europe starting on the 29th of June where it will open in Legnano, Italy.


Ziggy Marley’s Rebellion Rises debuts at Number 1

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